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What led the Commission to freeze €7 billion of Hugary's Recovery money

I read the Commission's 2023 Work Programme

In the news: Hungary's EU funds, COP27, and the Energy Charter Treaty

EU energy policies in a world at war

G20 dispatch—or is it G19 now?

Timmermans at the COP27:

In the news: Giorgia Meloni in Brussels and Western Balkans

Germany, Europe's punching ball

Elon Musk, Twitter, and the European Union

Is Bosnia ready to join the European Union?

Can't you just get along?! Why Germany and France disagree on so many issues

China's CP Congress: a preview of future EU-China relationship

In the news: Energy, the crux of war

Energy in focus - State of play and proposals

Give ambition to your words

Simone: To a great woman, Europe grateful

Looking at the EPC family picture: that won't work

The Beubble podcast: Is Germany's investment plan breaching EU's state aid rules?

Germany's €200 billion investments plan: Berlin's European sins

European Political Community: inauguration at the EU leader summit in Prague

In the news: What's new on the Eastern front?

The Beubble podcast: Italian election aftermath & gas in the sea

Eight rules to become a great lobbyist

To fight the far-right, we must bring virtue back into politics

How to build an effective advocacy strategy?

The Beubble podcast: Partial mobilisation in Russia

Italy, Greece, Sweden: A season of hope for Europe's far-right

Forestry policies: Defending the lungs of the planet

A Convention for a European Constitution - What for?

Tackling the energy crisis: European measures to a global problem

SOTEU 2022: A historic speech for peculiar times

How to reduce the use of single use paper through EU policies

What to expect from Wednesday's State of the European Union speech?

In the news: focus on energy

I am a lobbyist. I am very happy about it.

The Beubble podcast: Rule of Law concerns prevent Hungary from receiving EU money

Germany’s Zeitenwende: Let’s get serious!

French EU minister: "European unity is always questioned in times of crisis"

In the news: The war in Ukraine tests European solidarity

Searching for energy: Where is Europe looking for its next fuel sources?

The Beubble Podcast: the future of The Beubble

10 websites to know everything about the EU

EU policymaking 101: The policy cycle, for complete beginers

In the news: Will the next nuclear disaster start in Ukraine?

I was wrong about Nord Stream

The Beubble podcast: Germany is ready to switch its nuclear power plants back on

How to fail your advocacy campaign

In the news: Is Europe about to loose access to Facebook and Instagram?

Iran nuclear deal: Has the EU become a credible geopolitical player?

The Beubble podcast: Poland plans to overthrow the Commission's President


The reason why European politics is unappealing to citizens

In the news: Energy, wildfires, Taiwan.

The EU is witholding €10 billion of Hungarian recovery funds over Rule of Law clash

The Beubble podcast: the best Public Affairs consultancies in Brussels

Three paths to the future of Europe

NGOs' secrets to influence policymaking

Heatwaves and Forest Fires: Commissioner Janez Lenarčič in Paris to discuss EU solidarity

30 days of writing: the 10 most read articles on The Beubble

Infographic: The Committees of the European Parliament

The lobbying recipe according to the Uber Files

European Ombudsman: who is Emily O'Reilly, the ethics cop of European politics?

The Beubble podcast: The Uber Files are driving the news in Paris and Brussels

After the Conference on the Future of Europe, is the EU going to redraft its treaties?

Ukraine EU candidacy: what the country will need to achieve before becoming a Member State

EU-China Climate & Environment policies: partners, competitors, rivals

The next two years will be critical for France's political landscape

The beubble podcast: G7 leaders at Schloss Elmau

Abortion right in Europe: should European women be afraid after the US Supreme Court decision?

What's up in Brussels? The Council says "yes" to Ukraine & "whatever" to the CoFoE

Why you should stop reading the press - and what you can do instead

Life in Brussels could be turned around with a simple measure

What is (not) European Federalism?

French voters wanted green - They got an unruly parliament