Philipp Saueracker: "On the European stage, Germany is not giving the best picture of itself"

Philipp Saueracker, a specialist in french-german relations, discussed the coalition in power in Germany, in this 10-minute-long interview he gave to The Beubble.

I met this weekend with Philipp Saueracker, a returning contributor to The Beubble.

This time, we discussed German politics, the traffic-light coalition in power, and the relations between German and its counterparts in Europe, especially France.

This video is an excerpt from a 45-minute-long interview he gave to The Beubble.

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Philipp Saueracker is a French-German political analyst. His area of expertise includes European Integration, franco-german relations, EU policymaking, and democratic and party developments. He works at the Brussels Office of a German Economic Institute. You can follow Philipp on LinkedIn.

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